Econtools for Python

The econtools package (source code, documentation) is a set of data manipulation and econometrics tools for Python's SciPy library.


cyvincenty (code and documentation) is a very fast Cython (Python and C pidgin) implementation of Vincenty's distance formula.


biblatex-aer (code and documentation) is a port of AER's bibliography style to Biber and BibLaTeX. BibLaTeX offers a much larger set of options than the older BibTex package. However, it requires its own style files and cannot use BibTex's bst style files.

Stata syntax for Vim

vim-stata (code and documentation) is an extension of the Stata syntax package that comes with Vim. It covers more commands and situation and also includes some minimal folding. It can be installed using Pathogen, VimPlug, etc.