Reports and Policy Briefs

  • "Household Pulse: Balances through October 2023" with Chris Wheat and Erica Deadman
    January 2024 Pulse2401
  • "How families used the advanced Child Tax Credit" with Chris Wheat and Erica Deadman
    Novmeber 2022 CTC1
  • "Who benefits from the 2022 student debt cancellation?" with Chris Wheat
    August 2022 Cancel22
  • "Income Driven Repayment: Who needs student loan payment relief?" with Fiona Greig and Bernard Ho
    June 2022 IDR
  • “Lessons learned from the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program during COVID-19” with Fiona Greig, Samantha Anderson, Peter Ganong, Pascal Noel, and Joseph Vavra
    April 2022 UI2204
  • "The Online Platform Economy through the Pandemic" with Fiona Greig
    October 2021 OPE
  • "When unemployment insurance benefits are rolled back" with Fiona Greig, Peter Ganong, Pascal Noel, and Joseph Vavra
    July 2021 rollback
  • "Who benefits from student debt cancellation?" with Fiona Greig
    March 2021 cancellation
  • "The unemployment benefit boost: Initial trends in spending and saving when the $600 supplement ended" with Diana Farrell, Peter Ganong, Fiona Greig, Max Liebeskind, Pascal Noel, and Joseph Vavra
    October 2020 boost
  • "Student Loan Debt: Who is Paying it Down?" with Diana Farrell and Fiona Greig
    October 2020 studentdebt

Working Papers

  • "Using Satellite Data to Fill the Gaps in the US Air Pollution Monitoring Network" with Alan Krupnick
    January 2019 moncoverage, Summary
    Press: E&E News, NPR Louisville, EDF Blog
  • "Residential Sorting and the Incidence of Local Public Goods: Theory and Evidence from Air Pollution"
    July 2017 pollsort, Summary
    Press: Fusion
  • "The True Cost of Air Pollution: Evidence from the Housing Market"
    March 2017 pollhouse
  • "Income Stagnation Among the Bankrupt" with Frank McIntyre
    May 2010 bincome


  • Ganong, Peter, Fiona Greig, Pascal Noel, Daniel M. Sullivan, and Joe Vavra. 2023. "Spending and Job Finding Impacts of Expanded Unemployment Benefits: Evidence from Administrative Micro Data." Conditionally accepted, American Economic Review UIMicro
  • Zhang, Ruohao, Huan Li, Neha Khanna, Alan J. Krupnick, Elaine L. Hill, and Daniel M. Sullivan. 2023. "Air Quality Impacts of Shale Gas Development in Pennsylvania." Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. 10(2):447--486. fracking
  • McIntyre, Frank, Daniel M. Sullivan, and Laura Summers. 2015. "Lawyers Steer Clients toward Lucrative Filings: Evidence from Consumer Bankruptcy." American Law and Economics Review 17(1):245--289. steer