Working Papers

  • "Does pollution in cap-and-trade markets flow to poor neighborhoods?"
    February 2019
  • "Using Satellite Data to Fill the Gaps in the US Air Pollution Monitoring Network" with Alan Krupnick (revisions requested)
    January 2019 moncoverage, Summary
    Press: E&E News, NPR Louisville, EDF Blog
  • "Residential Sorting and the Incidence of Local Public Goods: Theory and Evidence from Air Pollution"
    July 2017 pollsort, Summary
    Press: Fusion
  • "The True Cost of Air Pollution: Evidence from the Housing Market"
    March 2017 pollhouse
  • "Income Stagnation Among the Bankrupt" with Frank McIntyre
    May 2010 bincome

Research in Progress

  • "Air Pollution Impacts of Shale Gas Development in Pennsylvania" with Ruohauo Zhang, Huan Li, Neha Khanna, Alan Krupnick, and Elaine Hill
  • "Does unconventional oil and gas development affect infant health through air pollution?” with with Elaine Hill, Neha Khanna, Alan Krupnick, Huan Li, and Ruohauo Zhang


  • McIntyre, Frank, Daniel M. Sullivan, and Laura Summers. 2015. "Lawyers Steer Clients toward Lucrative Filings: Evidence from Consumer Bankruptcy." American Law and Economics Review 17(1):245--289. steer